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Antony devaraj:
melkisath... what a great investigation? can you explain it? when? where and how?

iPhone tamil Bible app  does not have songs and other.can u update iphonev tamil bible application?

Brother pls pray for me because my house owner build new home so now I am vacated but new rental home not got pls pray for me.
    Praise the Lord.

Thank you so much. I need to correct the tamil bible ward's in following:

The wrong word is:
இப்பொழுதோ என் "தேனாகிய" கர்த்தர்
1 இராஜாக்கள் 5:4

The correct word was:
இப்பொழுதோ என் "தேவனாகிய" கர்த்தர்
1 இராஜாக்கள் 5:4

Please correct the above word as soon as possible.....
Thank you!!!

Hai somebody know tamil?
This font not only tamil
U Ask me-what?
j&i this letter's top on the dot's
Same to tamil
Not a round
Examples of tamil letters


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